Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sirsi ILS Components - A Guide

The Library's contract with SirsiDynix includes a lengthy list of components, or "deliverables." Staff will be hearing a lot about these components over the next 15 months. Some of them have self-explanatory names, but others may seem mysterious.

This list of Sirsi ILS components includes links to web pages on the SirsiDynix public site (or in a few cases, the web sites of their technology partners) that provide more information about the components. In some cases, the page is an introduction that will itself link to further documentation.

A number of Unicorn modules that do not have web pages or documents specifically devoted to them are covered in the Unicorn Technical Overview PDF document.

In many cases, Management Team members will be able to access more information by logging into the Sirsi Client Care site.

Please report any broken links to Alan Stewart.

Unicorn ILS Software Suite: multi-library configuration, w/ embedded Oracle database
Workflows Staff Client (450 users)
Bibliographic Control Module
Authority Control Module
SmartPort Z39.50 Copy Cataloging
Reporting Module and MARC Import/Export Utilities
Acquisitions and Fund Accounting Module
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
MARC Order Loader Interface for Acquisitions
Serials Check-in and Control Module
LincPLUS Bindery Software
Collection Exchange Module
Circulation Control Module: includes inventory control
Backup Circulation
SVA Telephone Notification and Renewal: includes English and Spanish language interfaces
iBistro: includes web catalog w/ my favorites, most popular, buy now, announcements, users requests, information module, alternate language interfaces (Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic & others)
Kids Catalog
Z39.50 Version 3 Server
Enterprise Portal System
Single Search Federated Searching System
Authenticated Commercial Resource Plug-ins: setup, Single Search Access Profiles
Open URL Resolver Management System
Rooms 2.0 (10 Rooms Starter Pack and Best of the Web)
SIP2 Interface Site License: for all SIRSI Certified Vendors
Hyperion Digital Media Archive: includes license for 50,000 documents
Materials Booking Module
Collection Agency Interface
Director’s Station
Complete Electronic System Documentation: includes updates and internal distribution rights
Unicorn Training and Software Testing Environment

Application Interface (API) Software: ability to customize ILS source code
SmartSource MARC Cataloging LC MARC & LC Authority Database
iBistro DataStream for Public Libraries: includes content data base enrichment with Hot Sites, Best Sellers Lists, Reviews, Summaries, Table of Contents, Author Biographies, First Chapters, Cover Images and Annotations
Docutek Information System, Inc. VRLPlus Virtual Reference: includes online shared browsing, IM, session logging, e-mail and statistics/reports
Sirsi Secure Resources: remote database backup storage and disaster recovery service

Project Management and Implementation Services
Data Migration Services
Pre-installation Consulting (onsite and 10 Weeks SureStart telephone consultations)
Acquisitions Workflow Consulting (two days onsite and a workflow recommendations report)Serials & Government Documents Workflow Consulting (two days onsite and a workflow recommendations report)
Circulation Workflow Consulting (two days onsite and a workflow recommendations report)Demand Management Workflow Consulting (holds/reserves) (two days onsite and a workflow recommendations report)
Education & Training: Unicorn, iBistro, Single Search, Resolver, Rooms, API, Collection Exchange, Hyperion, Director’s Station, etc.
Unlimited Access to all SIRSI e-learning courses during training and implementation

New Computer Room Hardware: Sun Servers, Sun Solaris OS
Pocket Circ Devices for all libraries
Bluesocket Wireless Network Solution for all libraries

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