Friday, September 29, 2006

Project milestones in September

Members of the Sirsi ILS implementation teams reached the following milestones in September:

  • The second week of onsite Sirsi training concluded on Sept. 1.
  • The Central Search Connection List, providing information about MPLIC databases to be included in our federated search interface, was provided to Serials Solutions and SirsiDynix on Sept. 8.
  • The Library's version of the Unicorn ILS was upgraded from GL 3.0 to the newest version, GL 3.1, on Sept. 11.
  • The Library's production server was copied over to the test server on Sept. 13. EPS OPAC screenshot
    This means that staff are now working with the library's own records when using Workflows and the Rooms/EPS site, rather than a generic training database. Although not all OPAC customizations are in place yet, you can begin to get an idea of the enhanced experience in store for MPLIC customers and staff.
  • 9xx and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) training was conducted for Acquistions and Cataloging staff on Sept. 25 and 27.

Coming up in October:

Image courtesy of SirsiDynix.

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