Wednesday, December 13, 2006

SirsiDynix Project Manager's Weekly Status Report #36

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Unicorn Project Status Report

Note: New and/or revised information is italicized.

Status Report Date: 12/8/2006
Site Name: Memphis Public Library (24 libraries)
Client Contact: Steve Foster
Go-Live Date: 03/15/07
Software Release: GL 3.1

Project Manager: Jeannie Peters
Implementation Team: Damon Hunter (CS), Jenny Hendrickson (DC), Patty Suessen (TR), Pam Tejes (SC)
Sales Representative: Laurie Chase

Major Activities/ Meetings Completed
Weekly call.
IBM overdue printer and Ethernet adapter card and Lexmark printer were ordered 12/8/06.
Patch cluster 4 is reportedly to be released this week.
Jeannie is continuing to pursue information regarding the 260 as an alternate search.
Jeannie reviewed the updated schedule with Memphis.
Data issues were given to Jenny Hendrickson for her review and research.
Collection Exchange was discussed as well as the need for patch clusters 4 and 5 to resolve some issues with Collection Exchange.
Jeannie is gathering information on Collection Exchange training.
The City of Memphis is requiring Memphis Public Library to renegotiate their contract with us.
Jeannie sent the Classic Bridge guide to Memphis and is trying to schedule a call with Jenny Hendrickson to discuss the process.
Jeannie responded to two questions on the revised schedule which related to Article Linker.
Information on the Brodart crash mailers supported by SirsiDynix for Unicorn has been sent to Memphis.

Activities/ Meetings Scheduled for Next Week
Weekly call.
Data review on the production server.
Continuing work on EPS/Rooms.

Outstanding Issues
EPS/Rooms incident 215129 and was updated by Craig Lawrence this week.
Memphis has revisited with the project manager their dissatisfaction with having to go through Client Care with Rooms issues. Their incidents are not responded to in a timely manner, which is very frustrating. Working directly with Craig Lawrence gets quicker results. Jeannie is following through on this with the appropriate SirsiDynix staff.

Project Status:

EventStatusCompletion DateNotes:

Hardware Install


DataOn Schedule

Production load 3/14/07

SirsiDynix TrainingOn Schedule
Go LiveOn Schedule

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