Monday, March 26, 2007

SirsiDynix Project Manager's Weekly Status Report #48

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Unicorn Project Status Report

Status Report Date: 3/9/07
Site Name: Memphis Public Library (24 libraries)
Client Contact: Alan Stewart
Go-Live Date: 6/14/07
Software Release: GL 3.1
Go-Live: Yes
SureStart: 9 months

Project Manager: Jeannie Peters
Implementation Team: Damon Hunter (CS), Jenny Hendrickson (DC), Patty Suessen (TR), Pam Tejes (SC)
Sales Representative: Gena Wilhite

Major Activities/ Meetings Completed

• Weekly Call

• Progress is being made on the IBM printer installation.

• The order for the 3 year warranty is being processed by the vendor. When this is complete Memphis will be sent their entitlement paperwork.

• Damon Hunter installed Patch Cluster 5 for Memphis and ran the necessary reports.

• Wayne Coop created and applied the automated backup script for Memphis’ test and production severs. EPS/Room script will be completed soon.

• Carol Stennett provided an example of a Unicorn site that has EPS/Rooms and Hyperion.

• Craig Lawrence applied EPS/Rooms advanced limits specs to the test server and tested it.

• Paul Gahn submitted a Classic Bridge discharge question that has been sent to Bill Ellett.

Activities/ Meetings Scheduled for Next Week

• Weekly Call on Tuesday at 2:00 Central time.

• Data review on the production server.

• Continuing work on EPS/Rooms.

Outstanding Issues

• None at this time.

Project Status:

EventStatusCompletion DateNotes:

Hardware Install


DataOn Schedule

SirsiDynix TrainingOn Schedule

Go LiveOn Schedule
Postponed to 6/14/07.

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