Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Opening Day" for Sirsi Training

Workflows screen shot
On Monday, April 10, a number of MPLIC staff got their first hands-on experience with the Unicorn staff client, Workflows (a screenshot of which is shown here), and the public catalog interface, the Enterprise Portal Solution.

38 staff members will be attending this week's classes at Central, which include Essential Skills for Workflows and EPS, Circulation, and Cataloging. These sessions (along with additional onsite training scheduled for August, October, and December) will form the foundation for our systemwide training as well as providing members of the Sirsi implementation teams with background information that will help us make decisions about customizing Unicorn to meet our needs.

I would like to encourage staff members who have questions, concerns, or observations to share after having been through Sirsi training to use the Comments feature of this blog to share them with me and the other members of the Implementation Management Team.

For more information about Sirsi training, read this post from February 22.

Image courtesy SirsiDynix

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