Monday, May 08, 2006

EPS Team Meeting, May 2, 2006 - Minutes

Enterprise Portal Solution Team Meeting
Tuesday, May 2, 3:00 p.m., Central Library, Room G39

Attending: Caroline Barnett, John Dooley, Steve Foster, Paul Gahn, Wang-Ying Glasgow, Heather Lawson, John Lloyd, Patrick O’Daniel, Michael Radcliff, Mary Seratt, Alan Stewart (Chair), Betty Anne Wilson.

The meeting began with a review of the membership and charge of the team and each of the subteams. Alan noted that EPS is a new product with a number of implementations in progress but no full-fledged implementation yet for the team to look at. MPLIC is an early adopter of this technology platform, which is still evolving. SirsiDynix has recently entered into a partnership with Serials Solutions to use their federated search and OpenURL resolver technology, and is also still developing the features of the EPS OPAC so that it will have functional parity with the iBistro catalog interface.

Next, the team reviewed the Rooms/EPS Implementation Schedule. There will be a window of approximately 5 ½ months from the initial Rooms Builder training to the “Go Live” date for the new ILS. The transition from the Library’s current Web site to a new EPS-based site needs to happen in this time.

Alan demonstrated the basic “out-of-the-box” EPS interface as presented at the SirsiDynix demo site,

Alan and Paul presented a draft of the completed Rooms/EPS Questionnaire, which is due to SirsiDynix on May 10. Most of the work on the questionnaire has been done by Paul, building on decisions made earlier by the Unicorn Policy Creation and Data Migration Teams. Any additional comments or concerns about the questionnaire should be directed to Alan no later than Friday, May 5.


For all team members:

Explore the Rooms demo site – note problems or issues.
Review SirsiDynix’s Rooms/EPS usability study

For Web Catalog subteam members:

Compare EPS and iBistro OPACs. What is left to do to achieve “catalog parity?” What should we be asking our SirsiDynix project managers about?

For Rooms subteam members:

Review Alan’s summary of the Library’s web redesign efforts to date (this is a work in progress which will be sent soon)

For SingleSearch subteam members:

Research and review implementations Serials Solution’s Central Search.

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