Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Location and material code changes to aid migration to Unicorn

From: Paul Gahn
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006
To: All Reference Staff List; All Circulation Staff
Subject: Location and material code changes to aid migration to UNICORN

Reference and circulation staff,

You may notice some new coding and cataloging practices appearing in our catalog. These changes are to aid in our migration to our new Unicorn ILS.

Material codes and location codes:
  • There a number of code changes, but translations for the staff (CIRCLE) and public (webcatalog) will remain the same.
  • Physical location of material is not changing.
  • These coding changes are to enable mapping to correct UNICORN item types, classification schemes and item categories.

Call #s:
  • Popular Library fiction books will have the genre name as a call # (FICTION if general fiction).
  • Once we migrate to Unicorn, all fiction will have genre name as call #.
    o This will be mapped and created based on the item’s permanent location code.
  • UNICORN system design requires that every item be linked to a call number/library record.
    o If we don’t fill in with something meaningful like genre names, accession type call #s (with no meaning) would be created in the form of XX(36270.1)

Paul Gahn, Automated Services

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