Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sirsi Implementation Teams: The Director's Station Team

Director's Station is a new statistical analysis tool that should allow the Library to "slice and dice" our ILS data as never before. Planning for our use of Director's Station is scheduled to begin later this year, although the product can not actually be implemented until after we go live on the new Unicorn ILS and begin to collect data.

Role of the Director’s Station Implementation Team:

  • To coordinate the implementation of the Director’s Station System
  • To identify the requirements for data conversion and transfer
  • To identify the requirements for reports and management information
  • To identify the requirements for and to coordinate the delivery of staff training
  • To identify and make recommendations on potential workflow changes


Reports to the Sirsi Implementation Management Team


Chair – Fred Bannerman-Williams (North Region)
Co-Chair -Paul Gahn (Automated Services)
Chris Marszalek (South Region)
Dean Moore (Frayser)
Debbie Stevens (East Shelby)

Note: This team may expand to include others.

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