Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Upcoming cutoffs (May 12th) in preparation for Unicorn Go Live!

E-mail message from Paul Gahn to all staff, May 9, 2007:

With Unicorn Go Live quickly approaching please read carefully…

Saturday, May 12th, 2007 is the last day to perform the following functions in DRA Classic:

Adding on-the-fly/unlinked item records for circulating magazines.
a. Circulating magazine issues received after Saturday, May 12th should be held and not made available to customers until Unicorn Go Live on June 14th.

Editing, creating or deleting item notes:
Any changes to item notes made after May 12th will not be migrated to SIRSI Unicorn.

After May 12th you can continue to:

1.) Create on-the-fly items that customers bring for checkout.
Even though these won’t migrate, don’t deny a customer to check out a MPLIC circulating item they found on the shelf.
For those items still checked-out as of 9pm on June 13th, they will be created and charged to the customer in Unicorn on Go Live (ILL items will be the first priority)

Mark items Missing, Withdrawn, Claims returned and Claims Lost.
These statuses migrate because circulation extracts occur closer and immediately before Go Live

Route items in and out per normal activities.
Even though Route status doesn’t migrate/translate to Unicorn, we need to continue to use that function in Classic to reflect the location as items are requested and put on the hold shelf or sent to another location.

Contact Item Control to make items available for Checkout.
For items that are in Route status because it belongs to another location but was discharged at your location and a customer spots it and wants to check it out.

Note: Cataloging and Item Control will not be adding new items (including gifts, donations) after Saturday, May 12th.
You will not receive any new items for your agency until Go Live or after.

Other approaching cutoffs:

May 25th Last day for Serials check-in in Classic

June 6th Last day to add or edit customer accounts in Classic

Details about each of these cutoffs will be explained in separate emails closer to the dates.

If you have questions, let me know.



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