Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SirsiDynix Project Manager's Weekly Status Report #57

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Unicorn Project Status Report

Status Report Date: 5/18/07
Site Name: Memphis Public Library (24 libraries)
Client Contact: Alan Stewart
Go-Live Date: 6/14/07
Software Release: GL 3.1
Go-Live: Yes
SureStart: 9 months

Project Manager: Jeannie Peters
Implementation Team: Damon Hunter (CS), Jenny Hendrickson (DC), Patty Suessen (TR), Pam Tejes (SC)
Sales Representative: Zuanarda Causey

Major Activities/ Meetings Completed

• Weekly Call.
• SirsiDynix expects to have EPS/Rooms 2.2 available for Memphis to upgrade to next week, should Memphis decide to do the upgrade prior to their go live.
• Damon will apply the Solaris daylight savings time patch to the production server on Friday.
• Jennifer began loading item records on Friday and this will run through the weekend.

Activities/ Meetings Scheduled for Next Week

• Weekly Call on Tuesday at 2:00 Central time. The conference number will be used for all future calls.
• Continuing internal training and preparation for go live.
• Jennifer will begin to load the bib and authority records on Monday May 21.
• May 25 – final extract of vendors

Outstanding Issues

• Alex Feng and Alan continue to discuss EPS/Rooms issues.
• Testing continues on the EPS/Rooms auto backup script with Wayne Coop.
• Paul is continuing work with Damon on getting the IBM Infoprint configured as the system printer.
• Steve Foster is continuing working with Pam LaPier on determining maintenance for years 2 – 5 for hardware maintenance, software maintenance, and subscription fees associated with the contract between SirsiDynix and the City of Memphis. Pam sent what she has completed up to now to Steve. Steve will review the document and will get back to Pam with questions.

Project Status:

No change.

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