Monday, June 11, 2007

Approaching Go Live - please verify that Workflows is ready to go

E-mail message from Paul Gahn to all circulation and reference staff, June 11, 2007:

Reference and Circulation Staff,

Workflows should now be installed on all Information/Reference desk, Circulation desk and Bookdrop discharge PCs throughout the system.

Additional receipt printers have also been added for bookdrop discharge PCs and Central departments (except LINC).

Workflows will be added to other staff PCs as time permits.

Please verify that each PC with the Worfkflows3.1J icon can logon to the Test Server.

Please logon to Workflows with your agency CIRC or REF logins (Example: BARCIRC, BARREF etc.)

Also, there has been one report of Workflows wizards prompting for an Override, when you are simply trying to click on a wizard, even before you’ve identified a customer or started an item search. Please logon to Workflows with your agency CIRC or REF accounts on respective PCs and verify that this is NOT occurring.

If experience either of the above issues, please email the helpdesk. Please test all circulation desk, reference desk and bookdrop discharge PCs and only send one email for your whole agency detailing which PCs have issues.

Finally, for those with new receipt printers verify you have receipt paper installed.

Your immediate testing of the above issues will give us a chance to correct as many issues as possible before Thursday’s Go Live.



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