Monday, March 06, 2006

News from the 2006 SirsiDynix SuperConference in Nashville, TN

2006 SuperConference logo
SirsiDynix holds a special conference each year for its ILS customers. At these conferences, users give presentations and hold interest group meetings to share information with their colleagues. Company representatives demonstrate SirsiDynix products and services, other library vendors have exhibits, and more general programs of professional interest are offered as well. Additionally, SirsiDynix executives share information about upcoming new products and changes to existing products, and present the company's overall goals and strategies. Here are a few news items coming out of this year's SuperConference in Nashville:

  • With its membership having dropped to below 50, the DRA Users Group has voted to officially dissolve and merge with the Unicorn Users Group.
  • SirsiDynix intends to continue to develop and support both the Unicorn and Horizon (Dynix) ILS platforms.
  • Some SirsiDynix products will be developed as "cross-platform" products; for example, Director's Station is being adapted for Horizon libraries.
  • Sirsi's Enterprise Portal Solution (EPS) and Dynix's Horizon Information Portal (HIP) will be merged into a single portal product. (The EPS/Rooms interface with which we are becoming familiar should not significantly change.)
  • SirsiDynix is developing a new Electronic Resource Management product for both Unicorn and Horizon libraries utilizing the technology of another vendor, Serials Solutions.
  • This year's release of the Unicorn ILS software, GL 3.1, will include new support for online borrower registration and for accepting credit card payments through the e-commerce company VeriSign.

Image courtesy of SirsiDynix.

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