Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sirsi Implementation Teams: The Unicorn Policy File Team

In an ILS, the term policies refers to the parameters that tell the system how to function: who can check out, what they can check out, and for how long; how materials are described and displayed in the catalog; and much more.

Role of the Unicorn Policy File Team:

  • To coordinate the implementation of the Sirsi Unicorn Policy File
  • To identify the requirements for data conversion and transfer
  • To identify the requirements for reports and management information
  • To identify the requirements for and to coordinate the delivery of staff training
  • To identify and make recommendations on potential workflow changes


Reports to the Sirsi Implementation Management Team


Chair – Paul Gahn (Automated Services)
Ann Delphin (Central Circulation)
Debby McElroy-Clark (Support Services)
Janet Majilton (Collection Development)
Alan Stewart (Public Services)

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