Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sirsi Implementation Teams: The Enterprise Portal Solution Team

Over 60 MPLIC staff members are participating in the Sirsi implementation as members of one or more Implementation Teams. This is the first in a series of posts introducing the different teams -- their roles in the overall project and their members.

Role of the Enterprise Portal Solution Team:

  • To coordinate the implementation of the Sirsi Enterprise Portal Solution (EPS) and its varied components (Web Catalog, Kid’s Catalog, Single Search, Open URL Resolver, and Rooms).
  • To identify the requirements for data conversion and transfer.
  • To identify the requirements for reports and management information.
  • To identify the requirements for and to coordinate the delivery of staff training.
  • To identify and make recommendations on potential workflow changes.


Reports to the Sirsi Implementation Management Team


Chair – Alan Stewart (Public Services)
Caroline Barnett (Cordova)
John Dooley (Automated Services)
Wang-Ying Glasgow (Serials/Gov. Docs.)
Heather Lawson (Public Services)
John Lloyd (Business/Sciences)
Patrick O’Daniel (History)
Michael Radcliff (Serials/Gov. Docs.)
Mary Seratt (Children's)
Barbara Shultz (Business/Sciences)
Betty Anne Wilson (Library Advancement)
Michele Yellin (East Shelby)

It is anticipated that the group will break into three sub-teams that will work together to fulfill the overall team role, as indicated by the following sequence:

Web Catalog Sub-Team – to coordinate the implementation of public web catalog access using the EPS and Kids’ Catalog interfaces.

Alan Stewart
John Dooley
Heather Lawson
Mary Seratt
Michele Yellin

SingleSearch/Resolver Sub-Team – to coordinate the implementation of federated searching of the Library’s catalog, databases, and other electronic content using Sirsi’s SingleSearch and Open URL Resolver technologies.

Alan Stewart
John Dooley
Wang-Ying Glasgow
Michael Radcliff
Barbara Shultz

Rooms Sub-Team – to coordinate the implementation of integrating most or all of the Library’s electronic content into a single Web interface (the EPS) using Sirsi’s Rooms technology.

Alan Stewart
Caroline Barnett
John Dooley
John Lloyd
Patrick O’Daniel
Betty Anne Wilson

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