Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rooms/EPS Project Manager's Weekly Project Status Report #2

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Project Status Report
Rooms/EPS and SingleSearch

Site Name: Memphis Public Library
Report Date: March 27th, 2006
Project Team:
Unicorn Project Manager – Amanda Little
Rooms/EPS Project Manager – Carol Stennett
Client/Server Delivery Specialist – Craig Lawrence
Product Specialist, SingleSearch – Adrianne Peters

Important Deadlines:
May 15th, 2007 – Go Live on All Products

Tasks Completed
Rooms workshop and builder training dates sent out
First draft of schedule reviewed
Second draft sent on March 16th

Upcoming/Outstanding Tasks for Week of March 20th
Confirm Rooms server has been configured with OS by end of week - Memphis
Check on port opening progress – any questions? – Memphis
Schedule training dates
Questions to answer:

  • Can we define the display order for the search limit options (Item types, locations, libraries) (like we can for Pickup libraries)? Or is the display sorted by the:
    *60 character Description?
    *10 character Policy name?
    Or is it the order entered in the Unicorn policy file (delivereds, then our item types)
    Answer: Carol is checking on this
  • Why is the text running off the page at Oxnard Public Library?
    Answer: Oxnard is still at version 2.0. We are upgrading them to version 2.1 next week. We haven’t been able to identify exactly why the text is running off like it is in certain pages. We have not seen this on any sites that we have installed at version 2.1 build 355, which is the official released build of version 2.1

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