Monday, June 25, 2007

Branch Abbreviations Page

E-mail from Kevin Dixon to all reference staff, Tuesday, June 19:

As mentioned in training, we use the "Missing, Hold" check out tool to do many things to our items. We can use it to mark items missing, to send it to tech services, to discard it, etc. All we do is type our agency's 3 letter abbreviation and the code for the destination of the item (discard = DISCARD; Material Services = MATSVS, etc.) in the User ID box. Then type or scan the item id. The item is now "checked out" to that specialized user account.

I have created personalized user ids for each location. Just go to this page and click on your agency to see the personalized list.

To see further information regarding the "Missing, Hold" check out tool, visit this link.

Related to this, the instructions for marking items missing have been expanded.

If I need to add anything, just let me know.


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