Monday, June 18, 2007

Placing Holds For Your Book Clubs

E-mail from Kevin Dixon to all reference and circulation staff, Monday, June 18:

Many of you have your own branch book club. In the past, you may have called all the locations with available copies so that they could send them to you. This was time consuming. Now, you can just place holds on these materials.

Briefly, you can:
  • Use your agency hold account to place the hold.
  • Use a Title level hold (because you do not have the item in your hand).
  • Once you place the hold, you can place another hold for this user.
  • Enter the same Item ID and place another title level hold.
  • You will need to override because the computer will say that you already have a hold.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary.
Click on this link for a more detailed explanation (with pictures) for this process. You can also find a link to this under the Holds section of the wiki.

Also, I have created a table of contents for all of the Go Live contents on the wiki. You may find that this is easier for you to review and find what you need.


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