Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SirsiDynix Project Manager's Weekly Status Report #58

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Unicorn Project Status Report

Status Report Date: 6/12/07
Site Name: Memphis Public Library (24 libraries)
Client Contact: Alan Stewart
Go-Live Date: 6/14/07
Software Release: GL 3.1
Go-Live: Yes
SureStart: 9 months

Project Manager: Jeannie Peters
Implementation Team: Damon Hunter (CS), Jenny Hendrickson (DC), Patty Suessen (TR), Pam Tejes (SC)
Sales Representative: Zuanarda Causey

Major Activities/ Meetings Completed

• Weekly Call.
• This status reports covers May 21- June 11
• Damon applied the Solaris daylight savings time patch to the production server.
• Through Paul’s efforts with Damon, the configuration is now complete on the IBM Infoprint system printer.
• The EPS/Rooms auto backup script has been tested and is working correctly.
• Memphis decided to have SirsiDynix upgrade their EPS/Rooms to 2.2 prior to their go live. Both the test and production instances were upgraded on 5/24. Several issues were discovered by Memphis and SirsiDynix worked with them to resolve those issues among which were problems with the Reading Lists Content Module, Kids’ Library picture-based search, Find it Fast! picture-based Search, Content Module manager, Most Popular List Content Module, and integration of Central Search and Article Linker into EPS/Rooms.
• Alan and Alex Feng are actively working on remaining EPS/Rooms issues.
• Alan reported that the upgrade to 2.2 resolved the chronic problem with the dynamic menu arrows.
• Jeannie Peters was out of the office May 25-June 1. Jane Ervin worked with Memphis in her absence.
• Jennifer Hendrickson began the final data load on schedule on May 14. Items loaded with no errors. Bibs loaded with no errors. Authority records loaded with 2278 errors. This is being investigated. Vendors and Serials were loaded. There are serials control issues that are being investigated.
• 6/7 was to have been when patrons/circ data were extracted. Due to internal issues at SirsiDynix, the extract did not take place as scheduled the evening of 6/6. Instead, patrons were extracted during the morning of 6/7 and charges and fines (bills) data was extracted the evening of 6/7. The patron load was completed early 6/8 and circ data was begun. Circ load was completed on schedule 6/11. Bills were loaded 6/11. Memphis began using Classic Bridge for circulation June 7 and will this will continue through June 13 when the Classic Bridge transactions will be extracted from the Classic system and then loaded into Unicorn. Throughout the final dataload Jennifer has provided Memphis with frequent status reports and final load reports. She has also
• SureStart Consultant Pam Tejes will arrive onsite at Memphis on Tuesday, June 12 and will remain onsite through Saturday June 16 to assist Memphis with their go live.
• The Classic Bridge extract will take place sometime after the close of business (9:00 p.m.) on Wednesday June 13. Classic Bridge data will be loaded June 13-14 and Memphis will go live on June 14.

Activities/ Meetings Scheduled for Next Week

• Weekly Call on Tuesday at 2:00 Central time. The conference number will be used for all future calls.

Outstanding Issues


Project Status:

No change.

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